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H1 Aquarium Monitor

H1 Aquarium Monitor

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Pre-orders expected to ship August 31st, 2024.

Everything you care about, nothing you don't. The Senrium H1 cuts the gimmicks out of aquarium monitoring. One low cost sensor, just the parameters that matter.

We started by asking a simple question: What causes tank disasters in established aquariums? The answer: Equipment failure. The H1 monitors the three most important pieces of equipment that keep your tank alive and your floors dry. Get notifications instantly when things go wrong, or check on your parameters live from anywhere you have an internet connection.

What parameters does the H1 monitor?

  1. Filter Flow - A filter failure can cause a chemical disaster in your aquarium including depleted oxygen levels and the death of nitrifying bacteria. If your fish don't suffocate, they are still in danger of rising ammonia and nitrite levels that climb when your filter fails.
  2. Water Temperature - Get alerts if your heater has a problem. A broken heater is a serious threat to your aquarium and its inhabitants. Tropical freshwater and salt water species can die quickly when temperatures fluctuate too rapidly or exceed their tolerable range. Cold temperature swings can make fish susceptible to illness. High water temperatures also affect CO2 solubility which can cause certain plants species to starve.
  3. Water Level - If your tank springs a leak or bursts, the H1 can tell you immediately. Tanks burst and the water damage can cost thousands to repair, especially if cleanup doesn't happen quickly. The H1 can also give you reminders to top off your aquarium and help you keep an eye on evaporation.

Whether you're at home or on the go, the Senrium H1 keeps you connected to your aquarium's well-being, providing peace of mind and empowering you to fix equipment issues quickly.

Everyone who purchases an H1 must have an active subscription to access their device(s), starting at less than $1 per device per month (in-app activation only)



 Temperature Range

32.2F to 122.0F (0.0C to 50.0C)

Water Level Measurement Range

2.00in. (~50mm)

Water Level Adjustment Range

1.65in. (42mm)

The sensor can detect water levels from -3.9" to 0" from the rim or euro brace but is recommended for aquariums with a water level of -1.65" or higher. (Paludarium Mounts for lower water levels expected Q3 2024)

 Polling Rate

10 Minutes + 250 manual refreshes per day per user

Flow Sensor Mounts Included

  • Airline clip for sponge filter
  • Suction cup clip for hang-on-the-back or other filter types

Maximum Tank Glass Thickness

0.75in. (19mm)

Wi-Fi Frequency

2.4GHz (No 5GHz support)

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